the story

Ever since 1981, KITWOOD has been a name for excellence, meticulousness and innovation in the industry of kitchen and cabinet production in Lebanon. Dedication and profound attachment to core business values and ethics are the pillars that make KITWOOD a leader in the market.

Today, KITWOOD has collaborated with various leading European kitchen and cabinet design and production companies to provide customers with a wide range of solutions that appeal to different purchasing categories.

Customer satisfaction is the sacred promise at KITWOOD. In-store client servicing is handled by experienced and passionate designers who have an in-depth understanding of their customer’s needs and are committed to provide them with up to date information regarding any request.


A distinguished time management and an unexcelled reputation are a living proof of the company’s professionalism, and will always be its strongest asset. KITWOOD’s mission is to turn spaces into concepts, and its vision is to maintain the leadership status in the kitchen industry in Lebanon, and achieve a wider expansion, through detail-oriented innovations, unparalleled services and cutting edge manufacturing.